Friday, June 16

Sierra Family

Two of the sweetest, kindest people I know have adopted two adorable babies!
This family has the biggest hearts and love. Can't you see their joy shining all over their faces?

I am so happy that they let me in on this memory making event!
Congratulations, Sierra family! I love y'all!

Sunday, June 11

Kate: Smash Cake

Sweet Kate was an absolute angel at her birthday party!
She was so happy about her yummy cake and all of her family gathered to celebrate her.
And the cake was so so beautiful!

Happy birthday to a sweet, sweet baby girl!

Tuesday, May 30

Asher Family

Family pictures are so much fun and ones with three generations are the best!
This family has always been so sweet to me and they made this session a blast. Moses especially enjoyed playing and sharing snacks with everyone.

I was blessed to see so much love in one family. The beautiful weather didn't hurt either!

Monday, May 29

Vandegrift Family

Have you seen a smile sweeter than Ethan's? His parents just had to say "don't smile" & he would crack up!

They battled the afternoon Oklahoma summer heat and looked absolutely amazing still.

Happy anniversary, Gerad & Sarah! We are so blessed to know y'all!

Sunday, May 7

Scott: 2 Years Old!

Sweet Scott had so much fun running around and chasing his balloons during our session!
There is something about toddlers and balloons. Seriously, the cutest!
I can't believe how big he is and I can't wait to see him grow this next year.

Happy birthday, Scott!