Tuesday, June 29


I've decided to become more trendy and blog about my:
  1. Photography
  2. Plants
  3. Herbs (I will plant these soon. Don't worry)
  4. Clothes
  5. Decorating
  6. Friends
  7. Everything
Here is my first real, trendy blog:
I went shopping!
Getting off work early equates to shopping and I bought:
  1. Striped, pocketed, tee tank from Target. $5. Yes, thank you.
  2. Pink, polka-dotted ice cream mug/cup/holder/pot for $1. It now houses my paintbrushes.
  3. A disposable camera for documenting my summer with 35 mm film. $6.
I am so very excited! I'll post trendy pictures later of my trendy purchases.

I'm off to take lovely pictures of lovely things/people/foods.

1 comment:

Anna Hyldahl said...

haha, that almost sounded like a Mastercard commercial, but you forgot the "priceless" component :o)