Wednesday, July 21

Baby Noah and family

This is my dear, dear cousin's baby boy.  Gavin lived with our family during high school/college/a little after college so he is like my big brother!  Noah has a special place in my heart as well. :)  And Lindsey was in Lambda at Oklahoma Christian University, like so many of my good friends!  What a great family.  ;)

Note: I made this blanket for Noah and he still loves it 5 months later!

I have to sneak in one picture of my whole family together.  What good looking people! ;)

And here are all of my lovely, lovely cousins, cousins' wives, and brother. :)


Lisa's Life said...

We need "like" buttons on blog posts :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first pic.

I enjoyed being your photographer assistant!


Meredeth Griffin said...

Miss Lisa, you were such a smart photographer assistant with your baby distracting techniques! haha :)

We'll have to collaborate again.

Molly Claire said...

This is beautiful. :)
I think you could make even me look good.....

Meredeth Griffin said...

Molly, dearest...that is the best compliment I've ever heard!

I'd love to take your picture anytime, dear best friend. :)