Saturday, July 24

Garden: Updated

I think that there are 2 people remotely interested in this blog post: Lisa and Dad. haha

However, I am quite proud of our little garden, even if I haven't had much time to work with it. (I will still plant some herbs later, I promise.)

So here are some pictures showing the progress of our lovely veggies!
Tomato, honey melon, pepper, and tomato plants in clockwise direction.
This little guy came to visit.  I hope he doesn't eat anything we have growing.

Our squash plants have fallen to the squash eating bugs.  Here are the remains covered with anti-squash-eating-bugs powder. Ironic.

So there you have it.  Our garden is getting bigger and producing some (very little) crops that we haven't eaten (yet).  Thinking about it just makes me feel so much healthier.  haha. :)

Also, does anyone have an idea of what kind of herbs/indoor plants I can grow in my apartment?  I have a pot and some soil ready.  Let me know what you think!


WakeGrace said...

basil and cilantro work well in little pots in a window. :) p.s im interested in the blog!

Meredeth Griffin said...

I LOVE basil actually! That's a great idea. :)

Also, I meant blog post ... I need to clarify! haha!

Lisa's Life said...

Meredeth, what kind of light will you have in your apt? It is better if you have a south or west facing window. You might be able to set up a "grow light".

Lisa's Life said...

gorgeous pics, by the way :)

Meredeth Griffin said...

I really don't know how the apt will be arranged yet ... but I'll see. I might have to keep the plant at home! Thanks, Miss Lisa. :)