Sunday, July 18

Oh, summer!

Life has been lovely lately.  You see?

One of my favorite things about summer is our clothesline.  It saves electricity (no dryer needed) and my clothes smell like sunshine! 

This weekend was perfection.  Sun, green trees, and sparkling leaves.  Heaven.

 I made herb flat bread on Friday!  Full of sea salt and rosemary.

My baby cousin simply is the most wonderful thing in the world right now.  (I had this picture in back and white, until my other cousin said that it made Baby Noah look too depressed.  Oh well.  He's still so so cute.)

I went out with some girls for fun shopping and fashionable fashion, obviously. 

My brother cleans house for an older woman and look at these lovely treasures he got from her!  

This is me attempting to show how lovely the glasses are in real life.  I am awful at self-portraits.  Also, you can see my postcard collection growing behind me. :)

 My weekend was so lovely.  I adore summer.  How was yours?

Reading: Lessons from a Sheep Dog


Jill B. said...

Who made those butterfly blankets??? I'm convinced there must be a lady from church who used to make them as baby shower gifts because you have one, I had one, and the Teddys have one. Probably other people do too. Who did they come from???

Meredeth Griffin said...

Yes yes yes, someone at church made them ... my mom thinks her name is Betsy, perhaps.