Thursday, July 15

Summer clothes

I am a thrifty person.
Maybe too thrifty sometimes.
I am the girl who knows how much each item of clothing costs in her closet costs because I am so proud of how inexpensive they are.
For example ... I will not buy anything over $6 - 7.  Unless it is a dress or a pair of jeans.  And then $15 is my max price.

I am proud though.
I just wait til sales roll through and then I pounce.  I don't care if I am there all day going through the 75% off rack...I will do it.
However, this proves to be problematic sometimes.
For instance ... I have been dying for new summer clothes.  Most summer clothes go on sale at the end of summer...which is not right now.

And so, since I have not been able to find my ideal summer outfit(s) yet in reality, I have found it/them online to ease my woes.  I hope you are as excited as I am! (Obviously.)

I love love love that wrap and hat combo!
I found the dress and tights from Aubin & Wills.
The wrap is from plainMADE.
The hat is from ModCloth.

I'll keep you updated with my summer thrifty purchases.  Because I know they are fascinating and normal.

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