Friday, July 23

Vegetarian Fridays

Hello few and faithful readers.

I have decided to find delightful, wonderful vegetarian recipes every Friday.  This goal started from me wanting to not eat meat every Friday (I need to eat better), but as I brought a ham sandwich with me for my lunch today, that idea was quickly scratched.

Summer time to me seems like the perfect time for fruits, vegetables, breads, and cheeses!  Fruit salads, pastas, veggie sandwiches, smoothies, 7-layer salads, fruit teas, etc, etc.

Today's recipe comes from Flagrant Delicia.  (I am not stealing, see?)  She posted the most heavenly fruit custard mess that I have ever seen.

300 grams ginger crème anglaise
50 grams ginger
100 grams white chocolate
Ginger crème anglaise
1 liter milk
10 egg yolks
180 g sugar
50 g ginger
In a bowl mix egg yolks, sugar and enough milk to combine all the ingredients.
Bring the remaining milk and cream to boil with the ginger and pour over the egg yolks mixture stirring constantly.
Sieve and bring to low heat (without boiling) to cook the egg yolks and the custard stays at the back of a spoon.
Pour 300g of the ginger crème anglaise over the chopped white chocolate stirring until smooth.
Ginger tuile

Cut thin slices og ginger with the help of a mandoline.
Place the ginger slices over a silpat or parchment paper.
Sprinkle generously with icing sugar.

Bake at 140ºC until dry.

Passion fruit

In a very hot pan slightly roast the fruit (except passion fruit and pomegranate).
Serve while warm with the cold custard.
Decorate with the ginger tuile and mint leaves.
For a poor college student, this is a very expensive recipe, but I will definitely make it this weekend.  Keep your eyes peeled for some delightful and beautiful fruit pictures!



Anna Hyldahl said...

The ingredients are measured in grams?

Meredeth Griffin said...

The lady who I copied the recipe from is British, I do believe.