Tuesday, August 10

Lovely Tuesday

This Lovely Tuesday post is about hair!
I love hair styles...doing others' hair, looking at celebrity hair styles, cutting my own hair...
You know.
The one style that I am simply in love with lately is the simple braid.
I can't braid my hair yet because it is still too short and layered funny, but I am almost there!
So in lieu of my actual ability to braid my hair, here are simply lovely photos of braided hair. :)

Ruffled Wedding Blog, From Me To You Photography
Bluebird Vintage
The Style Scout

Alex Vanderboom Photography
Ruffled Wedding Blog, Gina Zeidler Photography


Jess said...

Wanna do my hair sometime?


Meredeth Griffin said...

You have some of the most lovely hair I have ever seen! I will do it sometime! :)