Tuesday, August 24

Lovely Tuesday

This Lovely Tuesday post will probably be one of my last since the new school year starts next week!

I need to turn my focus from work, photography, blogging, painting to...engineering. (Don't judge me!)

This post will celebrate lovely school things. :)


Funny People, Co.
A fun hair flower is retro and yet modern all at the same time.
We Love Indie
Vegetables make college students strong and attractive! Duh.

Sew English
REST. We need sleep! (And adorable pillows)
Retro Threads
Dressing up is such a fun thing to do during college ... especially if you have this dress!
Hoganas Kermik
As much as I adore coffee, a delicious cup of tea helps to calm me down and focus on my work.

Femme Secret
These just make me sigh in happiness.
Every college student needs at least one notebook to keep up in their classes.
secret pocket
I am so thankful for the local thrift store that I can go relax in.

This scarf is simply lovely for summer/fall/winter/spring days!
Ashley Meaders
This is my new goal for my apartment.
raspberry pancakes
The ultimate college picture. A room simply exploding with delicious books!
kisses and cross stiches
This is my dream kitchen for after college, you see. Simple beauty.


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I very much appreciate the books and kitchen. :-)