Thursday, August 12

Mismatched Weddings

This post is dedicated to Mackenzie (and Garrett, I suppose).

Her wedding is in 8 days!  They were so lovely to hire me as their main photographer and now poor Kenzie is stressing out! (I'm not gossiping, it's on her blog.  Duh.)

So in honor of Kenzie's stress over her wedding not looking lovely or matching properly or being the best day ever, I have made a collection of weddings with so much color/differences/amazingness that still are the most beautiful weddings in my book. :)

Kenz, enjoy.

Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography

Jen Rodriquez Wedding Photography
Austin Gros Wedding Photography

Winnipeg Wedding Photographers
Oh, Darling! Photography

Oh, Darling! Photography
Ben Blood Wedding Photography

Ben Blood Wedding Photography

And favorite need to go to this link and look at every single picture.  This wedding was so unique and exploded with color.  Simply a dream!

Kenzie, your wedding will be perfect! I'm so glad I get to share that special day with you. :)

Love you both!


Jill B. said...

I would like to point out that the most delightfully odd part of the first picture is not the mismatched bridesmaids but the fact that they are getting married in (or at least right next to) a cemetery.

Meredeth Griffin said...

Yes! That was an English wedding, so it was so quirky!

Garrett Keck and Mackenzie Krumpeck said...

Awww Mer, you are the sweetest. Thank you so much!