Sunday, August 29

So, listen...

If you are just going to come up to me at a church event and pretend to be glad to see me and hug me and be so nice ... please don't have the ulterior motive of whispering in my ear and asking me about my personal/love life.

Really, people?

I enjoy telling people about these sort of things when I want to, thanks.  Do not keep pushing and asking and whispering and gossiping.  It is not good or nice or loving.  Especially the gossip. 

In all of the places, I thought church would be safe. However, this is the opposite.

To finish up this outburst (this isn't even half of what I want to say), here are some beautiful things that I love.

janey mac
Noble Pig
Urban Weeds

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Anonymous said...

the pie makes me happy :)