Monday, September 20

Senior Year ... Possibly

This year is my fourth year in university.  Possibly my senior year?  Depending on how my classes are spelled out next semester.

Since I am almost done, I am trying to record as many memories as possible.  With my phone camera.  Because my Dad has the Canon. ;)

Here are some lovely happenings from these first 3 weeks:

Chase's roommates bought a baby shark and baby puffer fish.  The puffer fish attacked the shark who died soon after. Who knew that could happen?

The boys in my Senior Systems Design room thought it would be funny to designate this hideous Barbie as me.  Now, whenever I stay ridiculous things, they write them down next to Ridiculous Barbie. I am mortified. ;)
Nate and I found the most awesome old walkie-talkies ever.  However, they do not work. But we can pretend.
Did I learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the ukulele? Oh yes, yes I did.

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thegermanygirl said...

Mer, you are awesome, and I love you. I just wanted you to know that. :o)