Saturday, October 23

Fall Break

Today is the end of Fall Break.  I realized several hours ago that all I did was homework (writing test vectors, writing papers, writing presentations, rewriting papers, etc.) 

This is what I wanted to do: take a billion pictures, organize my apartment, go to the bank, paint, look at my favorite blogs over and over again, bake, paint my nails, go shopping with Naomi.

And so I will take my Fall Break now for a few moments, enjoy the last drops of homemade gingerbread coffee, listen to delightfully peaceful music, and look at my favorite blogs.  Here are some of the most wonderful findings that I found!

Lisa Neimeth
most beautiful darling
b dunlap

Happy end of Fall Break, kids. Back to work!


Jill B. said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am jealous of all the homework you got done. My fall break has consisted of doing a bazillion dishes, taking out trash, working on my Rubik's cube, picking up the living room, six loads of laundry, work, a few movies, and a board game. The last two things were nice, but pretty much no homework got done.

Meredeth Griffin said...

Oh Jilly! I am so sorry that you did so much apartment cleaning!! Why did you not call me???? Crazy roommate.