Sunday, October 24

Give a Goat

If you do not know about this fantastic, God-led organization, you should know!  Give a Goat is a nonprofit organization focused on ministering to Filipino families by providing them with, well, goats.  This may seem comical to you, but the people can use the goat in many ways.  The manure provides them with healthy, organic gardens, the milk is nutritious, and the babies can be sold or used on the farm.  This is a great way to let the families survive based on their own means and pass the skills on to future generations.

There is a unique opportunity to raise money for Give a Goat.  Simply go to GoodSearch and tell them that you want to raise money for Give a Goat.  As a result, every time you search using the GoodSearch server, you will raise one penny.

Personally, I cannot believe GoodSearch is being so lovely! I know that I usually use Google at least 10 times a day and now I can put those searches to good use!

Please help support Give a Goat and see what God can do with us!  Thank you all for being so wonderful.  Have a blessed week.

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