Tuesday, November 16

Drink me?

As always, in this dear sweet windy state, cold weather means hot drinks!

Thank you to Starbucks and All About Cha for filling up my stomach, but emptying my wallet.  haha Here are some of my favorite hot drinks.

Caramel Brulee Latte, Starbucks

Green Tea Latte, All About Cha

Choice Organic Bancha Tea (Thanks, Naomi!!)

Cold Stone Hot Chocolate! Heaven on Earth!


Anonymous said...

Aaah I have discovered the joy of a caramel brulee latte just this morning! Incredible!

Also, no one else I have ever met likes the green tea latte at All About Cha! YAY! We are the same person! I adore you!

Jill B. said...

Wonderful drinks. And I LOVE the green tea latte at All About Cha (but their green goguma latte is still my favorite ;) ).