Thursday, January 20

Jillian killed me...

I did it.
I jumped on the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred bandwagon.

Thank you, dear Kenzie, for letting me borrow the DVD!
However, Jillian killed me. Straight up.

My upper body is doing alright, actually. I'm as sore as I would be if I was babysitting a big baby or something.
But really...I cannot walk right. Or stand up. Or sit without taking 5 minutes to sit down. Also, another 5 minutes to get up. Also, why can I not walk down the stairs? Going up the stairs is alright, but going down the stairs is seriously torture.

My roommates think I'm joking with the walking thing. I do look drunk, crippled, and off balance with each step.

I am not joking.

Jillian is out to kill people.
But I will succeed with this awful 30 Day Shred. I'll keep you updated because I know you all have boring lives and want to know about my work out regime.

Good night, moon.


Jessica G. said...

Um, I was like that to. I couldn't sit, stand, or lay down without groaning in AGONY. It was pure torture. For real, the first time I did the workout I lasted like 20 minutes. I tried it again the next day and made it about 25 minutes and the third day I couldn't do it anymore. I just HURT SO BAD! It's terrible.

Meredeth Griffin said...

It IS terrible. Let's see how many days I last. haha

Life as a Wife said...

Going down the stairs was the worst!!! Garrett had to help me sometimes to make sure I didn't fall because we don't have a railing. It was so pathetic. Good luck!