Sunday, January 16

This is classy

Women of the world, take note of pure classiness:

She graduated from Harvard University.
She can speak clearly and not like any other ditzy girl.
She is beautiful without showing every inch of her skin.

Thank you, Natalie Portman, for being a wonderful example of classiness.
Congratulations on your Golden Globe!

**Update: You commenters are so correct. Natalie Portman getting knocked up by her Black Swan choreographer and being engaged so quickly isn't the best example of classiness. But everything else is. **


Jill B. said...

Until the shotgun wedding. She failed that part of the classy lessons.

Mumby said...

Yeah, until she got knocked up by her boyfriend.

Keep It Classy Nat.

Mumby said...

oops. Didnt see that Jill already said that. Heh. Sorry.