Tuesday, February 15

Coffee, old Russian books, and church boys

I have two choices with this blog post.
I could rant about how school is just slaughtering me right now...


I could tell you my favorite things right now because today truly is a blessing.

First, coffee. All coffee, any coffee, anytime, anywhere.
Do I have a coffee addiction?
Well, maybe probably definitely, but it's useful because I need to stay awake somehow to do homework, you see.
The only bad thing about coffee is how quickly I gulp it down.

Secondly, old Russian books.
I am writing a paper on the Russian Revolution and these books that I am reading are just fabulous!
I have always been a huge fan of old books, but these are just delicious with amazing texts/words/ideas.
Also, I really do not know that much about Russian history, so I am utterly fascinated.

Thirdly, church boys.
Do you know about the national a capella reality show called "The Sing Off?"
It's a 5 episode show that takes the 10 best a capella (not necessarily religious) groups in the nation and narrows them down to one winner.
My boys, Committed, won last winter. These church boys are, in the words of a judge, taking the girls to a whole new kind of church!

Just watch this video. And then breath slowly in and out with me, ladies.

What are your top three favorite things from today?


SubtlePieces said...

First: Me, too. I can't stay away from it. Also, I would like to take you for coffee sometime. Let me know when you're free for a bit! I miss you!

Secondly: The books themselves are old? In addition to all of that other beautiful things, I bet they smell good! I enjoy the smell of old books far too much.

Lastly: Whoaah. I think my heart just skipped a lot of beats listening to that. They're incredible!

LIzzie Neuhold said...

I am thankful for my daughter and that she wants to spend time only with me right now.

I am thankful for my new living room furniture

And I'm thankful for friends like you that remind me to be thankful instead of grumpy