Sunday, February 27

Saturday Happiness

This is a collection of pictures of my new favorite and secret study spot.
There is nothing better than German coffee, popcorn, and good friends.
Thanks to Josh for letting me use his new camera.


"Isn't life under the sun just a crazy, crazy, crazy dream?"
--Dirty Projectors, "Stillness Is The Move"


SubtlePieces said...

That's my favorite Dirty Projectors song. I'm so glad to know someone I know knows of them! "Isn't life just a mirage of the world before the world, before the world? Why am I here and not over, over, over there?"
I love love love your photos. That looks like a wonderful place to study! Whoever's ear is in the last photo, her earrings are beautiful!

The Clarks said...

those cups are super cute! Where were ya'll studying?