Tuesday, February 1

Tall vs. Short

Hello lovely people.
My new, dear friend named Naomi and I have discovered that we wear the same sized clothes. Shirts, jeans, shoes...

Well, we found one problem while comparing our wardrobes ... she is shortish and I am tallish. This results in the same pair of pants looking completely different on each of us.

For instance, yesterday we wore the same size of pants and this is the result.
I am much too tall for them and she is well ... her pants need some hemming.

In her words, "Meredeth, buy bigger clothes!"
In my words, "We need a picture of this."

Thanks, Dad, for obliging.

1 comment:

Lisa's Life said...

Cute Meredeth! You don't need BIGGER clothes, but you might to check out the tall section if you want your pants to be longer.