Thursday, February 10

These things are lovely

A vintage camera to add to my collection. Chase found this for $5!
Beauty in the form of an Oklahoma sky.
This is Stacey, one of my favorite people/photographers/friends. :)
My favorite food: Chinese, fresh, homemade, delicious!
A family vacation brought us to a telephone pole tree forest. Rad.
Breakfast in the Griffin household. Saturday mornings are the best.
My puppy enjoying our vegetable garden. I miss her so!

I hope you are enjoying life today.  I thought that I'd dig up some memories with these older pictures of mine.  They just make me smile so much!

Bundle up, OKC!  Wear sweaters, drink some coffee, and listen to some Metric.
I sure did. :)


SubtlePieces said...

A)You're adorable.
B) I have a Kodak Pony. It's so cute! I sorta collect vintage cameras, as well!

Meredeth Griffin said...

That is so awesome! We need to take pictures together sometime.

SubtlePieces said...

We do! As long as I'm the one on the capturing side, I'm game! Let me know!