Sunday, February 6

Trendy vs. Non-trendy

A reader asked to see a series on Opposites, so this is my second posting about opposite things in my life.


This is an actual conversation between me and a friend. Please enjoy:

Me: "I don't know if I should wear this outfit. It's just so...non-trendy!"
Friend: "No. You are so trendy because you are so non-trendy. You see, because you dare to wear things that others don't wear, it makes you trendy."
Me: "I hate you."

**Friend's name omitted for protection.

Also, if you see me suddenly wearing a meat dress like Lady Gaga soon, it's simply for trendiness. Because since no one else dares to wear a meat dress except Gaga, it is trendy for me.

Get it?

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Jill B. said...

*omitted ;)

You have your own Meredeth style. It is not always what everyone else wears, but it is never ugly and always Meredethy and I love it. The end.