Friday, March 4

Flu stricken

This is what I am doing:

  • Binging on Tamiflu
  • Choking down a billion cough drops with a billion percent of Vitamin C 
  • Going between hot and cold every 5 minutes
  • Shaking, shaking, shaking
  • Going to work, class, meetings, other work, repeat
This is what I wish I was doing:

  • Curling up with the warmest blanket, hot tea, and my favorite playlist on iTunes
  • Reading The Joy Luck Club
  • Sleeeeeping
  • Enjoying the sunshine
  • Watching Psych, Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries


1 comment:

Anna Hyldahl said...

Not good :(

Also, I spent a while trying to figure out what "Binging" was, because I thought it was Bing, as in the search engine... I get it now though!

Get better!!