Monday, March 14

Morgan Senior Pictures

This is quite possibly the quickest photo shoot post I have ever done.
However, I hope you will love the pictures as much as I do!

Morgan and I have grown up since elementary school together and I was so excited to shoot her college senior pictures.
Big thanks to Naomi, who drove us all around the city looking for the best places.
Also, big thanks to Full Circle Bookstore and Sara Sara Cupcakes for some gorgeous backdrops!

I hope you all enjoy.

Meet Naomi: our props lady, wardrobe helper, and fellow coffee fiend. Please note the two purses, camera bag, and hair spray she was hauling around. We couldn't have done it without her!


Nicki Perry said...

Meredeth. You. Are. Incredible.

Just sayin.

Morgan said...

Great day!
Awesome locations with equally awesome girls!
Despite the wind, rain, and brisk-like weather, it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

The Clarks said...

super cute!

SubtlePieces said...

Meredeth these are incredible! The location in the first photo is especially wonderful: where in the world do you find such whimsical places?! You're so talented.