Friday, March 25

One day of life

Today, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my day with my phone camera!
Please ignore the blurriness. They are still fun pictures!
I hope your Friday was very good and a beautiful way to end your week.
Tomorrow will be a day of thrifting, coffee shops, homework, photo shoots, blue skies, and green trees.

Enjoy, friends. :)

James played some guitar this morning at work while I read my Bible. So peaceful.
Please notice how different my brother's music and mine is. Bon Iver versus hip hop. I'm so glad he still loves me.
Today, in chapel, I noticed that Zeth was showing more leg than I was.  Shame...
Enjoying learning about twentieth century art in Western Thought 2. Fun!
As a reward for trekking to Lowe's and Home Depot with him, Zeth gave me a Reece's Pieces. Mmmm!
Watching half of my senior project team conversing. At the end of the conversation, this part of the project works!
Part of my wiring accomplishments for my senior project.  I am so proud!
I can use my meal points at Chick-fil-A now! Of course, I went out to get some good chicken.
Best way to wrap Friday night up? OC eagle cookies. Ignore the cheesy Chinese eyed smile. Oops.

And the story's all over you, in the morning I'll call you, can't you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue.
--Bon Iver, "Wolves Vol. I & II"

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SubtlePieces said...

You're so precious! I <3 your smile. Also, that's a wonderful Bon Iver song. My favorite.