Sunday, March 27

Spring Break

My Spring Break this year was like a conglomeration of every Spring Break for me.
There was projects, papers, cakes, Dallas, shopping, two photo shoots, sleeping in, not sleeping, watching lots of Pysch, etc, etc, etc.

I know you all were so glad to know that!

In light of all of the activities, I only took personal pictures on three occasions:

1. Naomi and I made Caleb an awesome Ninja Turtles birthday cake.
2. Caleb and I on our way back from Dallas.
3. I decorated our kitchen table with some new blooms from the tree outside.

I hope your Spring Break was tons of fun. ;)
What did you do?

Ninja Turtles Cake:

Caleb and I coming home from Dallas:

Tree blossoms to decorate our table:

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