Tuesday, May 17

Rolling in the deep...

I want apologize for being the worst blogger in the world.
I am actually still in summer school because I have one more class to get out of the way.
Spanish has been a blast, but my head is just bursting with so much new information.
I just have no energy/wittiness/exciting things to blog about.
Give me four more days and then I will be free!

So, this will be a simple post about my latest musical obsession: Adele.

She is beautiful, funny, honest, raw and extraordinary.
I'm sure there is an angel living inside of her when she sings.

This is the song that I've been playing over and over: Rolling in the Deep
And this is the beautiful Adele.

I hope if you did not know about her, now you will fall in love with her. She's worth it.
Enjoy. :)

"There's a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark."

-- Adele, "Rolling the Deep"

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SubtlePieces said...

I am completely in love with Adele.