Monday, June 20


Thanks to Stacey's persistent persistence, I am finally addicted to Pinterest.
Have you all heard of it yet? If you have not, go check it out!

It is a website where you pin your favorite crafty/cute/colorful/tasty/well-worded/artsy/beautiful things to a virtual pin board.

And it is amazing!

I especially love to pin cute clothes, beautiful paintings and wise thoughts.

Here is a screen shot of my page so you can kind of see my most recent pins.

If you have not jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, it is a lot of fun! Search for merrydethg to follow my pins and let's show each other what great style we have.

(I don't have great style. I just really like pretty things.)

Come thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing Thy praise.
-- Come Thou Fount

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