Saturday, July 16

Summer, continued

Summer in Oklahoma has continued to be an awful, hot, sticky time
We have tried to ignore the heat and continue on with the summer fun.
I am now 6 chapters away from finishing the Harry Potter series and I have officially fallen in love with Ron Weasley.
Our garden is faltering under the heat, but two cantaloupes are pushing through!
The photography sessions have been very minimal because of the heat, but I have 2 coming up in the next week.
My summer has consisted of road trips, neighborhood walks, ping-pong matches, snow cones and cloud gazing. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy end of the summer, friends. Enjoy.

I've seen this crazy car in my neighborhood several times. 
Please tell me it's not the best thing you have seen!

"Eucalyptus and orange trees are blooming, in that dream there's no darkness a looming."
-- Fleet Foxes, "Grown Ocean"

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