Sunday, August 14

Lessons from work

If you have not heard, I was just hired by a great company here in the city!
Thank you everyone who prayed for me.
I'm not usually keen on so much personal attention, but it really meant a lot to me and I am so grateful.

I just wanted to share five lessons that I've learned during this last week that I would share with the one-week-ago-me.

  1. The men that work on oil fields will not appreciate visible nail polish. Remove all nail polish bottles from your sight so you will not be tempted to look girly in a non-girly world.
  2. It is okay to remove your shoes for several short intervals during the 9 hour work day. Just make sure your boss is in a good mood.
  3. You cannot laugh during conference calls because the men on the other end can probably hear you. Just ask your boss to mute your side of the call and then laugh a lot.
  4. Going to bed earlier than 11 is okay if it takes you 30-35 minutes to get to work in the morning. Don't worry if your friends call you an old woman. It's worth it to be rested.
  5. If you are super hungry and lunch-less, be brave and venture out to the company restaurants even if you don't know anyone. You will receive delicious and cheap food like this:

Do any of you recent graduates/young professionals have any lessons learned?
I'd love to hear them!

I will be praying for your upcoming week. Remember why you are working (paying student loans and rent are definitely valid, but not our ultimate goals in life).


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Jill B. said...

Psh. Whatever, man. Wear your pretty nails with pride! Show those silly boys that even nail-polish-wearing girly girls can rock the socks off the oil and gas industry.