Sunday, September 18


I recently discovered a great site for those who enjoy shopping for products online.
Of course, if you know me at all, you know I just love window shopping online.
I'm talking fashion, home, media, accessories, anything!

It is called SVPPLY and follows similar structures to Pinterest or Tumblr.

Here is what you do:

Find an online shop that you enjoy. For example: Les Nouvelles.
Then you find an item that you are interested. I really like these black flats.
Use the provided "Buy Now" button and click on the item that you like. Once you specify the price range, type of product and gender market, you are set!

This is my page with my newly added black flats from Les Nouvelles.

Cool, huh?

You can follow other people and shops on SVPPLY for latest fashions and updates.
I love finding some really cool things that I might not find anywhere else.
You can search for specific products or just look at current trends.

Maybe I'll see you on SVPPLY soon.

Have a great week, friends.

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