Saturday, August 11

Nicaragua Adventure - 2012

What a great journey we had in Nicaragua this summer!
We saw medical and dental patients, gave out medicine, gave patient education, had Bible studies, built a house, handed out food...
The churches in San Marcos and Jinotepe were absolutely wonderful and I know we made relationships to last for many, many years.

Here are some of my favorite pictures. My little travel camera did its best, but please bear with the blurriness.

Enjoy, friends. And thank you for your prayers and support.

I had the best time with these ladies!

Grew up together, so many great memories.

The flora in Nicaragua was breathtaking.

The most that Rob could figure out was this was corn tortillas and cream cheese. Mmm!

One of our favorite restaurants - Terry's Diner. Served milkshakes, burgers and the best Nicaraguan food.

My Dad was one of the doctors. First day, he saw 200+ patients by himself!

Our beloved BICA boys who preached, sang, baptized people and played soccer like crazy.

My beautiful sister, Macy. :) We rode around in the back of trucks quite often.

From the back of the truck. So beautiful!

A cathedral in the middle of town.

A park also in the middle of town. 

One of the BICA boys preaching to the patients. This is also where the church meets.

The children singing and dancing with the BICA girls.

The city from the rooftop of our hotel at sunset. 

Coffee was available all the time and we could not get enough!

It rained almost every day. Wonderful, cooling, soaking rain.

This was our pharmacy where they gathered medicines and gave out anti-parasite pills.

My doctor parents with one of the lovely ladies who helped us with the patients.

At the airport after we discovered a wonderful little coffee shop. I decided I was content with my latte, homemade bracelet, and travelin' shoes. 

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Nicki said...

Thank you for posting about your mission trip! We are proud of all of you.