Sunday, September 23

Back on Pointe

Have you found this workout blog yet?

My brother actually stumbled across the daily workout on Pinterest and has encouraged me to try it for about a year. I started in March and have really enjoyed it!
The daily workout is a perfect blend and I can do it in about 30 minutes.
However, it's also good to sprinkle throughout your day for small boosts of energy and exercise.

There are also several other "Workout Challenges" listed on the blog.
There is even one for Game of Thrones! I have no idea what Game of Thrones is, but that is something different.

Here is the link for the daily workout, the Workout Challenges, and the blog.
Plenty of inspiration for healthy living and eating.

Please enjoy!

Reading: What Christians Believe, C.S. Lewis
Listening: NEEDTOBREATHE and Same State

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Jill Barneche said...

Game of Thrones is a fantasy book series that I hear is rollicking high adventure and intrigue but filled with rape and other things that make my feminist heart sad. It is also an HBO TV series based on said books full of sex and nudity and everything else you'd expect on an HBO drama. Now you know. :)