Saturday, September 1

Life, lately.

Life has been exceptionally wonderful lately.
God has shown me again and again how He is working powerfully in my life. :)

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

After checking all the Redboxes in the city, we finally found a copy of The Hunger Games. I'm addicted now.

Chocolate cupcakes and milk are perfect for late night blogging.

Can't get over how beautiful these Nicaraguan bells are.

Found my favorite vintage necklace that I've been missing for over 6 months!

New favorite collection at Bath and Body Works. 
Hawk Nelson at OC on Crystal's birthday!  Couldn't think of a better Friday evening.

Birthday brunch with my sisters.  So thankful for these friendships that have only grown stronger and sweeter. Happy birthday, Jill, Crystal and Molly!
Listening: Monsters of Folk, Monsters of Folk ... with a little country Pandora mixed in there :)
Reading: Psalm 34
Free song download: Better Than Life, Remedy Drive at Air1

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