Monday, November 5

Tidbits from work

Some weeks are so busy and stressful at work.
High paced, full of early mornings and late nights, and way too many emails.
I'm learning that you need to find the blessings in the chaos.

Also, you need to find the humor.

Here is a an actual conversation from Friday afternoon with a coworker. This is when I knew my week had ended.
All that was left to do was chug my Pumpkin Spice Latte and hibernate for the weekend.

(In Starbucks)
Me: Oh, look! The new Mumford and Sons CD!
P: What?? You like Mumford and Sons? Why?
Me: Everyone likes Mumford and Sons...his voice, their lyrics...oh, look! Free Benjamin Gibbard music!
P: Who?
Me: Death Cab for Cutie...The Postal Service...
P: Oh, ew. I can't listen to music that puts me to sleep.
Me: (Stunned.)
P: And doesn't Mumford and Sons have like banjos and stuff? I can't listen to that either.
Me: (More stunned.) It's hippie/hipster music!
P: I try and stay away from hippies and hipsters as much as possible. We work at an oil and gas company! 
Me: (BEYOND STUNNED.) We would have never been friends in college. Do you know who I am? My blog name is actually...
P: (Also stunned.) You have a blog? Why? About what??
Me: (Scrambling for words...) My
P: Fashion?!?
Me: Let's just go back to work....

And this is a little piece of wisdom that I think we can all use.

Me: (Asking about a project at work) How can I move forward?
B: Well, Meredeth, you just gotta start walking.

Here's to a better week.

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Jill Barneche said...

Hahahaha! I maybe can guess who this coworker was. But if it's someone I haven't heard of before, I would love to hear more. Whoever it is can never love you like I do. Clearly.

Also, speaking of hipsters....
So have you heard of the youtube video series S*** Girls Say? If not, you should watch it cause it's pretty funny. :) Anyway, people started making spin-offs of that for things lots of other groups of people say. This is a pretty much perfect video I found for S*** Hipsters Say. The hipster is so loveable and not snobby, but HE'S SO HIPSTER! It fills me with joy.