Tuesday, January 22

Cafe Evoke

Where is the hippest place to get coffee in Edmond?
I mean, besides every coffee shop on every corner.
The beautiful Kenzie introduced me to Cafe Evoke last weekend.

Did I fall in love with a coffee shop?
What a fun, relaxing place to curl up with your old roomie and talk, sip coffee and eat scones!

I would definitely advise you to stop by and get a Raspberry Mocha or Vanilla Latte some Saturday.
Enjoy the wood tables, hanging lights, and old movies on the big screen.
Bring your Bible, laptop, journal, or book.
Bring an old friend, a new friend, a boyfriend!

Simply, enjoy.

Go listen to: Whistle for the Choir, The Fratellis

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Meredeth, Cafe Evoke is owned by someone I used to babysit when he was a toddler :)