Thursday, January 10

Grey, Pink, and Mint

There is something about a rainy, winter day....
It's the perfect day to drink some hot tea, pile your hair on top of your head, and wear some beautiful vintage clothes and earrings to brighten your mood.

This shirt and skirt came from my favorite vintage shop, Bohemian Spirit Vintage.
Everything in that store was magic...the music, the puppy that slept there, the friendships formed, and the clothes!
Unfortunately, Mrs. Amy, the owner, got extremely sick and had to shut most of the store down.
However, I had the best time shopping in Bohemian.
I will miss the fun environment and beautiful clothes!

Thank you, Bohemian, for a great couple of years.
Thank you, sun, for shining again.
Thank you, week, for almost being over.

Enjoy, friends.

Listen: Don't You Worry, Child by Conor Maynard

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