Monday, January 14

Praise, Father

Father is good, just, and merciful.
He chases us, frees us, forgives us.
Father cradles us when we are sad and laughs with the biggest laugh when we are joyful.
Praising Him is the only option.

My precious friend, Miss Naomi, gave me this great new journal that has become a praise journal.
It is liberating to write a few lines every day about the blessings found in Father.

Your praise can be infectious.
A few weeks ago, at house church, we had four special young girls worshiping with us.
They all said praises during the prayer time and I recorded them because of how wonderful the prayers were!
Here they are so you can smile and thank Father for a child's faith:

Dear God,

Thank You for today, thank You for the Bible.

Thank You for everything I have. Thank You for Christmas and Christmas Eve and the whole wide world.

Thank You for my family who loves me when they could think I'm an annoying girl.


Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, my soul. - Psalm 146:1

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