Tuesday, June 25


Oklahoma can be extremely beautiful in the summer time.
Especially after all this rain!
Green trees, warm water, lazy clouds.

This weekend, R and I went kayaking at the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge.
Unbelievably beautiful!
He has been bugging me for a year to try this with him and we finally had a free few hours to go exploring.

Here's what I discovered about kayaking:
1. You'll get soaked.
2. It's the best time of your life.
3. The Oklahoma winds make you so tired and so mad.
4. Don't tell R, "I hate you!!!", when it is really the Oklahoma winds.

It was a beautiful Saturday and being away from the city was so refreshing.
We saw jumping fish and butterflies and found shells and animal tracks.
The air was clean and crisp.
God's creation is truly wonderful.

(If you are in the metro area, check out the Route 66 Boathouse. You can rent everything there.)

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