Saturday, June 15

New home

I don't like the title of this post.
Yes, I live here now.
But my home will always be with my wonderful family.

This is a temporary home.

But I still love it so much. I have handpicked every item, which not only takes time, but also the courage to meet very, very strange people on Craigslist. Ha! (VERY VERY STRANGE.)

I've taken some pictures of each room for you to see a little.

There's a great deal of pink, gold, brown, black.
Flowers are everywhere.
Although everything fits, nothing matches necessarily.
The bar stools are two different colors and sizes.
The old steamer trunk coffee table is a stark difference to the modern couch.

But I love it so much. Here are some of my favorite little things from around.

As I keep adding to my new home, I will keep posting more pictures.

Enjoy, friends.


Brenda Asher said...

Love seeing what you have done to the place. So interesting!

Anonymous said...

All homes are temporary no matter how much we love them :). Fortunately we carry our love with us in our hearts. It goes with us and is not confined to an earthly dwelling. There is a song here, somewhere!

I love the new additions, especially the steamer trunk. Strange people make for interesting stories. :)

Lisa...who is too lazy to go find her google profile ....

Trudy Graefe said...

I love choosing each piece just for your appreciation of it and liking its look and uniqueness, as opposed to trying to make everything match. I love what you are doing with your 'temporary' home.