Tuesday, June 4

Oklahoma Strong


You've heard the phrases floating through the social media, the news, the blogs during the past 2 weeks.


After you live in Oklahoma your whole life, the tornado sirens become a background noise.
Everyone has a plan: grab the mattress, pillows, blankets, weather radio and jump in the closet or bathtub.
Hunker down for a few hours, just enough to write an exciting Facebook status about the wind or the hail.

The past 2 weeks haven't been background noise. In fact, they've been all people can think, talk, pray about it.
When we eat, we talk about the storms. When we sleep, we dream about the storms. When we shop, we see the water bottles and sunscreen that our fellow Oklahomans need so desperately. When we watch TV, there is a country concert to raise money.

Not background noise.

But through it all, we have begun to rebuild, piece by piece. Picking up lost pictures, handing out canned foods, buying new furniture, rescuing pets.

I was so excited to see on Pinterest this great t-shirt designed and sold by two local OKC apparel shops.
All profits were donated to the Regional Food Bank and as of today, those profits are $20,000.

They printed some more shirts and are not sold out yet. Go buy a shirt! $20 to support your fellow Oklahoman and show your state pride. Visit the order page here: The Okay See

Stay strong, Oklahoma. We'll make it.

Read: Exodus 14:14
Listen: The River, Meredith Andrews

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