Monday, June 17

We Won't Be Shaken

Have y'all heard this new song by Building 429 called We Won't Be Shaken?
It is fantastic. The words, really.

Life is HARD. College doesn't teach you that.
No matter how many engineering, honors, women missions classes I took ... I wasn't prepared for the day (days) after graduation.

But here I am. Two years later and so different. With so many more years to go.

My job situation has suddenly changed. My team of precious, sweet, smart people is suddenly scattered with no leader.

It is HARD.

We fought for that team, for what we did. We didn't sleep, we flew to a different city each week, we met with CEO's and CFO's, we called every potential customer, we programmed in rainy muddy 50 degree weather. And we loved it.

But now we have the chance to move on. New opportunities, new beginnings.

Even so, it is HARD.

But my peace comes from God. The One who reminds me that this is just a tiny hurdle. The One who takes my hand and shows me His next plan. The One who is bigger than anything in this world.

I won't be shaken. Not now, not ever, when my hand is in His.

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