Tuesday, June 11


Is Tuesday too late to post about my weekend?
Hopefully not!
I had the best weekend that crashed into two long, hard, hot days at work.

Sometimes, a girl just needs to try out a new burger joint, take a stroll at the Paseo, thrift shop like craaaazy, and walk along the lake.

Distractions from this crazy life are always appreciated. These special people keep me laughing and having fun.

Life is so blessed. My cup truly runs over.

I'm going to put up sneak peeks of my apartment later this week and start doing a recipe every weekend.

Any other blogging suggestions?

Enjoy, friends.

The Colombian burger and Root Beer with real cane sugar. Mmmmm. Also, this handsome man.

Live music at the Paseo.

Eating at Abel's with my beautiful friends. R got me a strawberry cut like a rose!

The beauty at this lake is just overwhelming and so gentle at the same time.

New thrifted treasures for my bathroom.

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