Saturday, August 17

How to travel, by Meredeth

I just wrapped up another quick trip for work. This time, to beautiful, sunshiny California!
Over the past several years, I've collected some little travel tips.
Do you like to travel? What are your little secrets that makes everything easier?

Here are my top five traveling tips.

Enjoy, friends.

1. Plan smartly for the airplane. I know that I'm always cold on the airplane, that I can't sleep so I like to read, that I need comfy slip on shoes to make it quickly through security and across giant airports. I need a watch to keep track of my flight, my Power for Today for a Bible study on the flight, and Maybelline's Baby Lips sunscreen chap stick. It is okay to dress cute while traveling, just dress smart. Excessive jewelry and layers will all have to come off during security. Complicated hair will fall apart on the airplane. The most I bring besides the basics is my favorite tube of Revlon lipstick as a pick me up.

2. Do not stress! There is no need to have a nervous breakdown in the airport bathroom! (But if you do have one, remember your magic tube of Revlon lipstick.) Give yourself enough time to get to your flight early and maybe snag a coffee on the way. Remember that everything is temporary. Things may be difficult for a while, but eventually you will get to your destination.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep. How do you sleep in hotel beds? If you cannot sleep well, it is okay to take a sleeping pill or even half of a sleeping pill. Plan for 8 hours of sleep every night. I do not dare drive in a new city or pay attention to all-day meetings and classes without plenty of sleep. You will feel adjusted and refreshed. 

4. Bring healthy snacks. Have you ever been in a class for 4 hours at a time or drove for hours and hours on end? It requires extra brain food. Don't get weighed down with the heavy stuff, even though you may be craving comfort food. The healthy snacks will keep your mind going and your stomach satisfied. Don't forget your healthy drinks also. A cup of green tea is always calming and uplifting. Also, get in as much exercise as you can. Go walking, do some yoga in your hotel room. Be active!

5. Have fun! This is the most important traveling tip I can leave with you. Even if you are attending the most stressful conference, save up a little bit of time to have some fun. During my latest trip, my classroom happened to be in the middle of a beautiful shopping center. After class, I walked around with the palm trees, bought a beautiful silk scarf from H&M and enjoyed window shopping. It was relaxing and helped my mind slow down.

That's it from me for this weekend. Time to recover, find bridesmaid shoes, do the laundry, and take a senior photo shoot downtown. Have fun!

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