Saturday, August 31

Oh, the end of the week

Those weeks with sore throats, throbbing heads, dizzy eyes and heartaches.
Somehow the work still gets done, the kitchen gets clean, and the antique stores shopped. (mmm!)
But Wednesday, oh Wednesday! Celebrating a summer long class of exploring the hearts of Godly women with the younger girls in the congregation.

I cannot express my joy over this class. Wendy was the most wonderful co-teacher and new friend.
Her heart was full of love for the girls and her wisdom overflowed and overflowed. Honestly, I kept wanting to have her teach so I could soak up all I could!

The last day of class was spent painting our nails and eating pizza with the young boys.

God shows over and over that in the midst of trouble and hard weeks, He is with us.\

He has taught me so much from this class and these girls. What a blessing this was.

How has God been working in your life this week?

Never overlook those sweet, small moments.

Happy rest of your weekend, friends.

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