Wednesday, August 7

Plain black tee

The 3436677th thing that I desperately adore: a simple and elegant outfit.

This black tee literally called out my name from the hanger. I promise!
With softly rolled up sleeves and a tiny gold button in the back, it is simplicity to its finest.

I dressed it up with two new jewelry pieces.

The bright, red ring is from an Etsy store, CherriesInTheAttic. Check it out! Most of the jewelry is vintage and bold that she has re-purposed to look extraordinary.

The dropped turquoise earrings were handmade by Nicaraguan women as part of The Manna Project International. Again, check them out for encouragement and inspiration.

Here's to simple outfits and happy times.

Enjoy, friends.

Listen: Everything Has Changed, Taylor Swift + Ed Sheeran

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