Wednesday, September 11

Life, lately

Life, lately, has been wonderful.
I mean, every day we get to breathe and soak in the Oklahoma sunshine is wonderful.
God has blessed some very spiritually minded people into my life who are helping me walk in love.
I have been so, so busy though!
A college roommate wedding, girls' pizza-dessert-makeup night, crafting, dinner with friends, dinner with other friends...but I'm loving it.

Here some pictures of my silly, fun life over the past week.

I hope you all are having a great week. How have you been doing?

Enjoy, friends.

My handsome date to Kevin's and Megan's beautiful wedding.

Martha Stewart Blueberry Crisp. Recipe here.

A much needed girls' night with good food, wedding song choices, and make overs!

Made a scrap/ribbon garland for behind my dining room table! Find the DIY steps here.
My new favorite scarf hanger

Lemonade bottle & pink flowers makes mid-week evenings so much better

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