Sunday, September 29

Not in Kansas, anymore

Oh, goodness me.
When life gets tough, I like to pray and go outside.
Being in nature, feeling the breeze, hearing the birds ... all reminds me of God's glory and His promises.

Last weekend, R took me to Kansas for his grandmother's 75th birthday. We went through many towns ... mainly tiny towns, but that is how this girl likes it!
We met family, took pictures, ate delicious food, fed lambs, played cards, went to the art festival.

My favorite part was just being outside. Experiencing the plains and the huge sky that covers them. The wheat and the clouds. The birds and the livestock.

I was the happiest girl. My soul got a reset and I loved every moment of it.

One of my favorite times was at the local sheep farm where R's grandfather works now. It was so wonderful to feed a baby lamb and hold it so close.

Another of my favorite times was finding this beautiful sunflower field.
(We were in Kansas, anyway.)
As R put it...the flowers were just waking up. :)
Look how many!
We couldn't resist a sunflower field picture...could we?

Finally, we were able to see the red barn that R's grandparents had. It has been moved into town as part of the local history. How much fun is that??

I am so grateful for the time I had to spend breathing in fresh air. The rolling hills and country music didn't hurt much either.

Have a great week, friends.
Keep your chin up in faith and walk on that water. You know God's there.


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