Friday, November 8

Happy, happy day

Friends, may I want to share some exciting news with you?

R and I are getting married!

Yes, this absurdly handsome bearded Godly man wants to live with me forever.

Yes, I am as shocked as you are.
Yes, he likes my cooking.
Yes, he watches chick flicks with me.
Yes, he encourages me in my faith every single day.

I am the happiest girl!

Cheesiest picture ever. I know.
Please lift us up in your prayers as we prepare for a God-centered marriage.

I'll be posting wedding updates from time to time, of course. :)

Such a happy, happy day.


Kenzie Keck said...

I'm so thrilled every time I think about this.
Also, beards are awesome.

Juanita said...

HAPPY, HAPPY day indeed! Congratulations! Love and prayers as you prepare to join your lives loving each other as you serve the Lord along side one another.