Sunday, December 1


Me: Oh, this holiday weekend was so unproductive!
R: What? You had a great weekend!
Me: No...the laundry isn't done, the Save the Dates aren't sent out, my sink is a mess...
R: No. Think of all the people you got to see and talk with.
Me: No! You don't get it.
R: No, you don't get it. What is more important? Laundry or relationships?

First, I am grateful for a wonderful man to keep me grounded.

Secondly, I am grateful for a wonderful weekend of tea dates, bagel sandwiches, movies, post Black Friday shopping, vintage shops, vanilla candles ... what a productive weekend!

Sometimes we forget about the most important things, while focusing on the tiny, tiny things.

Don't get swept up in the details that don't matter, people. Have productive weekends. Hug people, call people, laugh with people. The laundry will always be there.

Have a great week, friends!


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